Localize Your Marketing. Globalize Your Reach.

Conversion Rates

↑ 21%

ROI Enhancement

↑ 36%

Zoom Calls Time

↓ 67%

Evelyn: Gained a 35% boost in conversion rates from our targeted ads!

Roll out campaigns worldwide, all at once.

Control the narrative by sidestepping local agencies.

Maximize content ROI without added costs.

Design Culturally Relevant Ads

Utilize Merlin Clone to develop promotional content that's relevant and resonant for audiences worldwide, boosting brand affinity and loyalty.

Transform Videos into Multimodal Content

Enhance content accessibility on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Integrate culturally relevant subtitles to deepen audience connection

Master Every Digital Platform

Refine and adapt your content to resonate on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, ensuring your message stands out everywhere

Amplify CTA Impact Across Regions

Optimize your calls-to-action to resonate with each demographic, driving improved conversion metrics

Launch Videos Within the Deadlines

Eliminate distribution hurdles. Deploy your videos directly to your chosen platforms, focusing your energy on crafting top-tier content that resonates

Transform Videos into Multimodal Content

Employ Merlin Clone to convert videos into articles and other marketing materials, diversifying your campaign mediums and maximizing reach

The way we create and monetise content has changed

Our features

AI-Powered Translation

  • Utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to translate content efficiently and accurately.
  • Eliminates human errors, provides rapid translations, and reduces costs.

Voice Cloning

  • Replicates the original speaker’s voice, maintaining the tone, pitch, and emotion.
  • Offers a personalized and authentic listening experience to the audience

Lip-Sync Technology

  • Aligns the translated speech with the speakers’ lip movements.
  • Enhances the visual experience, making translations appear natural.

Gestures & Expressions

  • Adapts and synchronizes gestures and expressions to match the translated speech.
  • Ensures the message is conveyed with the intended emotion and impact.


  • Allows tailored adjustments to suit specific audience demographics.
  • Enhances audience engagement and connection.

No Limitations on Video Content Used

  • Utilize any existing video content to train our neural network, allowing you to optimize without new content production

Merlin's Magic: How It Works


Drag & drop or link your video

Select the desired translation language


Allow Merlin's AI to translate and voice over your content

Receive your translated video


Read why market leaders choose Merlin Clone

Lucas P
Digital Marketing Head

Merlin boosted our campaign's reach

Previously, crafting tailored, multilingual ad campaigns was a drawn-out, expensive affair. With Merlin, we instantly adapt our videos for diverse markets, resulting in an 80% increase in campaign reach

Aisha M
Content Strategist

Merlin doubled our content output

It's no hyperbole: Merlin has been revolutionary for us. We've doubled our video content output, all while maintaining quality

Ethan S
Ad Campaign Manager

Achieved a 35% rise in ad conversion rates

Merlin has made our video ads sharper and more attuned to different audiences. The result? A 35% boost in conversion rates from our targeted ads, optimizing our ad spends and maximizing ROI


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