Transform Learning. Bridge Language Gaps.

Course Reach

↑ 53%

Student Engagement

↑ 39%

Time Savings

↓ 67%

Alice: Deliver personalized tutorials in multiple languages!

Break down language barriers in your online courses.

Create materials in students' native tongues.

Reach a worldwide audience of eager learners.

Localize Educational Content

Use Merlin Clone to seamlessly adapt educational videos for students across the globe, enhancing comprehension and participation

Repurpose Video Lessons into Study Materials

Convert video lessons into written content or study guides, allowing students multiple mediums to reinforce their understanding

Cultivate Multi-Lingual Cultural Experiences

Attract global visitors to museums and cultural centers. Deploy Merlin Clone to offer compelling audio and video guides in various languages, maximizing visitor engagement and appreciation

Versatile Content for Diverse Learning Platforms

Adapt and fine-tune video lessons for various platforms, ensuring consistency in teaching across channels like YouTube, e-learning platforms, and more

Boost Global Engagement in Remote Learning

Empower international remote students with lessons that resonate. Use Merlin Clone to localize every class, boosting participation and comprehension rates

The way we create and monetise content has changed

Our features

AI-Powered Translation

  • Utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to translate content efficiently and accurately.
  • Eliminates human errors, provides rapid translations, and reduces costs.

Voice Cloning

  • Replicates the original speaker’s voice, maintaining the tone, pitch, and emotion.
  • Offers a personalized and authentic listening experience to the audience

Lip-Sync Technology

  • Aligns the translated speech with the speakers’ lip movements.
  • Enhances the visual experience, making translations appear natural.

Gestures & Expressions

  • Adapts and synchronizes gestures and expressions to match the translated speech.
  • Ensures the message is conveyed with the intended emotion and impact.


  • Allows tailored adjustments to suit specific audience demographics.
  • Enhances audience engagement and connection.

No Limitations on Video Content Used

  • Utilize any existing video content to train our neural network, allowing you to optimize without new content production

Merlin's Magic: How It Works


Drag & drop or link your video

Select the desired translation language


Allow Merlin's AI to translate and voice over your content

Receive your translated video


Discover why educators trust Merlin Clone

Sanjana K
Online Business Coach

I tripled my reach in online tutoring!

Using Merlin Clone, I effortlessly deliver personalized tutorials in multiple languages. The ease of adapting content has allowed me to cater to a broader student base

Fatima Z
3D Modeling Tutor

Course completion rates soared after the Chinese localization

Our learners felt more connected and understood after localizing our course content with Merlin Clone. The results? Improved course completion rates and glowing feedback!

Mia L
Elementary English Teacher

It is much easier to retain beginner learners!

I've successfully tackled the language barriers in my multicultural classroom using Merlin Clone. Crafting lessons in each student's native tongue has greatly improved both engagement and understanding

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