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Paul: Launch ICO campaign around the world!

Translate complex blockchain terminology effortlessly.

Engage with crypto enthusiasts in their native tongue.

Scale your influence within the decentralized economy.

Localize AMAs for Global Communities

Don't let language barriers limit your reach. Utilize Merlin Clone to localize your AMA sessions, announcements, and updates, connecting directly with enthusiasts and investors across the globe.

Optimize Content Rollout for Your ICO

Accelerate the launch and promotion of your ICO. Ensure consistent investor updates and educational content, freeing you to focus on core blockchain development.

Extend Your Reach with Multilingual Blogs

Leverage Merlin Clone to transform your video pitches into comprehensive articles or detailed blog posts. Broaden your educational outreach and provide in-depth resources to support your ICO.

Incorporate Subtitles for Different Platforms

Increase content comprehension on platforms like YouTube and DTube with subtitles that resonate with viewers, regardless of their primary language.

Create Targeted, Localized Marketing Campaigns

Deploy Merlin Clone to tailor your marketing materials for each locale — craft campaigns that resonate culturally, driving investor engagement and fostering trust in your blockchain project.

The way we create and monetise content has changed

Our features

AI-Powered Translation

  • Utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to translate content efficiently and accurately.
  • Eliminates human errors, provides rapid translations, and reduces costs.

Voice Cloning

  • Replicates the original speaker’s voice, maintaining the tone, pitch, and emotion.
  • Offers a personalized and authentic listening experience to the audience

Lip-Sync Technology

  • Aligns the translated speech with the speakers’ lip movements.
  • Enhances the visual experience, making translations appear natural.

Gestures & Expressions

  • Adapts and synchronizes gestures and expressions to match the translated speech.
  • Ensures the message is conveyed with the intended emotion and impact.


  • Allows tailored adjustments to suit specific audience demographics.
  • Enhances audience engagement and connection.

No Limitations on Video Content Used

  • Utilize any existing video content to train our neural network, allowing you to optimize without new content production

Merlin's Magic: How It Works


Drag & drop or link your video

Select the desired translation language


Allow Merlin's AI to translate and voice over your content

Receive your translated video


Why Crypto Experts Choose Merlin Clone:

Raj K
Blockchain Founder

Merlin Clone helped skyrocket our ICO!

We struggled to communicate our vision globally until we found Merlin Clone. It bridged the language divide, bringing in investors from unexpected regions such as Pakistan and New Zealand, tripling our funding goals.

Liam J
Crypto Educator

My crypto tutorials are a global hit now!

Implementing Merlin Clone, my educational content reached places I never thought possible, substantially increasing my subscriber count from non-English speaking regions.

Maya P
Crypto Marketing Director

Increased investor engagement by 80% with localized content!

Merlin Clone seamlessly integrated into our marketing workflow, significantly boosting our global investor base and a 50% reduction in go-to-market time for new initiatives.


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