Unify Global Teams with Consistent Training

Onboarding Speed

↑ 40%

Training Costs

↓ 33%

Workforce Engagement

↑ 47%

Linda: Aligned the training content for our 20,000+ global employees!

Deliver consistent training in multiple languages.

Foster a cohesive corporate culture across all regions.

Project a unified face for your training across all global branches.

Build a Cohesive Brand for Global Training

Establish consistent brand training ambassadors, ensuring a uniform learning experience for employees across all regions.

Standardize and Comply Across Borders

Roll out training modules that resonate equally with an employee in New York and one in Tokyo, fostering a worldwide cohesive corporate culture.

Keep Training Modules Updated and Relevant

Streamline the process of updating training content, guaranteeing that all teams, irrespective of their language, are equipped with the latest information.

Create Multilingual Training Modules

Quickly produce customized training content in multiple languages without needing separate recording sessions.

Adapt Training to Various Formats

Transform training modules to cater to all learning preferences, from video lectures and podcasts to infographics.

The way we create and monetise content has changed

Our features

AI-Powered Translation

  • Utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to translate content efficiently and accurately.
  • Eliminates human errors, provides rapid translations, and reduces costs.

Voice Cloning

  • Replicates the original speaker’s voice, maintaining the tone, pitch, and emotion.
  • Offers a personalized and authentic listening experience to the audience

Lip-Sync Technology

  • Aligns the translated speech with the speakers’ lip movements.
  • Enhances the visual experience, making translations appear natural.

Gestures & Expressions

  • Adapts and synchronizes gestures and expressions to match the translated speech.
  • Ensures the message is conveyed with the intended emotion and impact.


  • Allows tailored adjustments to suit specific audience demographics.
  • Enhances audience engagement and connection.

No Limitations on Video Content Used

  • Utilize any existing video content to train our neural network, allowing you to optimize without new content production

Merlin's Magic: How It Works


Drag & drop or link your video

Select the desired translation language


Allow Merlin's AI to translate and voice over your content

Receive your translated video


Learn why HR leaders trust Merlin Clone

Linda M
Director of HR and Training

Merlin Clone brought alignment to our global training

With Merlin Clone, we've seamlessly aligned the training content for our 20,000+ global employees, ensuring a standardized competence level across all regions.

Carlos V
Head of Learning & Development

Streamlined multilingual content creation

Merlin Clone has been a game-changer. I can quickly produce training modules in multiple languages. Plus, updating and customizing for regions without losing our core message? Priceless

Rebecca T
HR Training Coordinator

Saved 80% on external talent acquisition

With Merlin Clone, we've bypassed the expenses tied to external talent acquisition for video shoots, leading to nearly 80% in cost savings. We can also rapidly produce high-quality training videos as and when needed


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