End Language Barriers. Grow Your Global Subscriber Base.

Time Savings

↑ 40%

Cost Reduction

↓ 27%

Engagement Rate

↑ 48%

Helen: Connect directly with international fans, wow!

No more outsourcing translations.

Amplify your global influence.

Connect directly with international fans.

Refine Your Call-to-Action for Greater Impact

Iterate on CTA scripts to pinpoint the most resonant message for your audience, driving higher interactions

Expand Beyond Video with Written Content

Use Merlin Clone to convert video dialogues into articles or posts. Enrich your content arsenal for extended outreach

Adapt and Thrive Across All Platforms

Adapt your content for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, ensuring unified branding and maximized viewer attention

Deploy Content Seamlessly

Streamline the release process, making sure content is consistent and frequent. Spend more moments on creative inspiration, less on logistical challenges

Localize Videos for Global Viewers

Leverage Merlin Clone to localize your video content, captivating viewers from around the globe

Add Inclusive Subtitles for Extended Reach

Boost content visibility on platforms like TikTok and Instagram by crafting relatable subtitles, deepening audience engagement

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When I started using Merlin Clone to localize my content, I had no idea it would resonate so well with Chinese audiences. It's been amazing to see my global community grow so much, so fast.
Anar Dreams
Anar Dreams


The way we create and monetise content has changed

Our features

AI-Powered Translation

  • Utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to translate content efficiently and accurately.
  • Eliminates human errors, provides rapid translations, and reduces costs.

Voice Cloning

  • Replicates the original speaker’s voice, maintaining the tone, pitch, and emotion.
  • Offers a personalized and authentic listening experience to the audience

Lip-Sync Technology

  • Aligns the translated speech with the speakers’ lip movements.
  • Enhances the visual experience, making translations appear natural.

Gestures & Expressions

  • Adapts and synchronizes gestures and expressions to match the translated speech.
  • Ensures the message is conveyed with the intended emotion and impact.


  • Allows tailored adjustments to suit specific audience demographics.
  • Enhances audience engagement and connection.

No Limitations on Video Content Used

  • Utilize any existing video content to train our neural network, allowing you to optimize without new content production

Merlin's Magic: How It Works


Drag & drop or link your video

Select the desired translation language


Allow Merlin's AI to translate and voice over your content

Receive your translated video


Why influencers rely on Merlin Clone

Alexa M
Travel Blogger

Merlin Clone has connected me with my audience!

Struggling with subscriber growth, I tapped into Merlin and soon realized my content had a massive following in India. Since then, my international audience has grown exponentially

Dylan R
YouTube Content Strategist

Boosted YouTube engagement by 70% with localized content!

Since integrating Merlin Clone into my video creation process, my clients saw a 40% surge in subscribers from non-English speaking regions. The platform's efficiency has also reduced the content production time by half, allowing me to focus more on creativity.

Sophie T
TikTok Entrepreneur

I'm producing up to five videos daily now!

The number of voices and avatars available allows me to produce engaging content without needing real actors. It feels like having a versatile content studio at my fingertips.

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