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Payment through the website can be made using cards.

Payment is made using the Internet acquiring service of CJSC "MPC" and the Acquiring Bank — CJSC "KICB".

In order to enhance customer convenience and ensure transparency in transactions, our service automatically provides users with electronic versions of their receipts immediately following the completion of their payment. This digital documentation is designed to facilitate easy record-keeping and provide a reliable reference for any future queries regarding the transaction.

The security of transfers from bank card accounts is ensured through the transmission of data via a secure HTTPS connection. Additionally, two-factor authentication using the 3-D Secure technology may also be implemented for enhanced protection. Should you receive a service or a product of unsatisfactory quality, the transaction can be refunded to the bank card account used for the payment. Return policy: please send a request to technical support.231

Security recommendations for cardholders: Keep confidential and do not disclose to anyone the information displayed on the card.
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